"All the best in creating your new adventure! Warmest Regards,"

Crystal Wells, a hairdresser, a makeup artist, USA

"Hi! saw your listing on IMDB.
Do you need a designer? I'm available."

Bernt Capra, a designer, USA

"I came across your project and wanted to introduce our companies to discuss where best we can partner on the development, production and post-production of the project."

Matthew Helderman, General Manager, Buffalo8, USA

"Our project *** in development stage right now and we are seeking for the finance. Therefore, we invite your respected organization to join our project as a Co-Producer and Sales Agent and will be delighted to discuss all aspects of our proposed
co-operation and provide you with any additional information about our project."

Daniela Freire, Producer, Bulgaria

"I am writing to request a meeting with you at

Marche du Film in Cannes"

Carolyn Frychot, Producer, Australia

"We’ll be expecting a sincere conversation, which could lead to the exchange of our advantages and the mutually

beneficial cooperation!"

Feng Qian, Producer, ORI Animation, China

"Available for services as Film Director and Scriptwriter. All genres and format: Feature Film, Tv series, Advertising..."

Jaime Falero, a film director, Spain

"Please, set a meeting with us to find out the advantages of filming in Tuscany"

Michela Scolari, Founder, Filming in Tuscany Agency, Italy

"I'd like to submit my character-driven HORROR screenplay, *********, for your consideration. If you are interested in
the concept, I would be more than happy to send you
the full-length screenplay ASAP!"

Jacob N. Stuart, a screenwriter, USA

"If you have any ongoing animation projects or have something in pipeline that requires assistance from an animation partner,

we've our animation team readily available now and

can get started right away."

Avnish Radgh, Owner, Space Animation Studio, India

"I wonder if you would be interested in exploring a strategic partnership."

Chris Dortch, Entrepreneur, USA

"I came across your IMDB Pro page for ’***’ and was very impressed with the story.  I am a passionate cinematographer always on the lookout for quality projects.  I'm a story first cinematographer, and inspired the most when I get to work on films that make a difference and tell stories that leave
the audience thinking.

Andrew 'Drew' Aiello, a director of photography, USA

"We have several films for which we are seeking co-production partners and/or funding."

Skye Von, a producer, a director, USA

"Thank you very much for your precious time and we look forward hearing from you."

Benoit Rossi, Director General, AD Music Publishing, France

"Hello! I just wanted to leave my calling card as score composer."

Michael Klubertanz, a composer, Germany

"We request you to kindly give us your appointment for meeting."

Hirachand Dand, Chief Operating Officer, Madhu Entertainment & Media, India

"I am a cinematographer with over 25 years experience including 3 HBO Films and an HBO WP (Asylum - starring Robert Patrick and Malcolm McDowell), and just wrapped a picture with Paul Sorvino (Hybrids). I'm submitting my Feature Film Demo Reel for your consideration for any of your upcoming Projects."

David Rakoczy. a DP, USA

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